What have you been working on that most excites you? Please describe your work.

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What difference has researching with ERG made for you?



Christian finds a quiet location to read Bullard’s “Dumping in Dixie.” (Credit: Salma Elmallah)


Why did you choose ERG? What made it unique for you?


How has your background been a part of your research and time at ERG?


Christian prepares for the Women’s March (Credit: Christian Miller)


What advice do you have for prospective students? What can they expect?


In what ways is the work that you’ve been involved at ERG “cutting edge”?


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Who have you been working with at ERG?



To me, this means not shunning the idea that EVERYONE has a right to the betterment of life, for which the natural resources of our planet mainly hold the key. But, in the pursuit of said betterment, we must exercise caution and thoughtfulness in regard to the use of said resources. I uphold this in always considering environmental quality and equitable access in my analyses.


Christian has been heavily involved with Resistance School@Berkeley, an education program for activists and changemakers. He is featured in the video above.


Where do you envision yourself after ERG?

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